Snowden – at Kendall Square Cinema


I found the experience interesting at Kendall Square Cinema unique and interesting. I learned some people see films at this theater, just for the popcorn flavors, or brownies. They claimed you can’t find those items at an “AMC” or big blockbuster theater.

I thought the food offerings were unique and it seemed the theater wasn’t as flashy or modern as some of the new theaters offering full service.

The employee behind the counter engaged me in a long conversation about how the films shown in different theaters is determined by distributors, based on demographics. He said that two theaters in the same city cannot show the same movie at the same time. We talked for several minutes about independent vs. big blockbuster theaters. I pointed out to him that he was a major difference between the two. A larger theater would employee a larger number of employees, and most probably wouldn’t consider understanding film distribution as a necessity for there job.

One of the most interesting aspects of the film was the portrayal of the media and reports as American heros or genuinely fighting for the good. Considering Oliver Stone’s take on the media in Natural Born Killers, this seemed a much different view of how the news media delivers information.


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